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Preparing for Your First Visit

Your first visit can be a long and very intensive process, but your preparation will increase efficiency of time and can reduce cost. We ask that you please allow plenty of time for your first appointment. Many first appointments take 2 hours or more, especially when certain procedures are elected, long histories are reviewed and discussed, or multiple medications are dispensed.

To best serve your pet and efficient use of your time, please bring:

  1. A copy of your pet’s records from all previous veterinarians and specialists. It is important that physical exam findings are included, not just lists of procedures and treatments. Test results are also important. Please check that the copy is legible and dates are visible. Although convenient, fax copies are frequently illegible or incomplete.
  2. Ingredient lists from all current and previous diets/treats fed to your pet. Even if you no longer feed a food, it is important to know what ingredients your pet was exposed to previously. Include all treats, such as raw hides, dental chews, pill pockets, dog biscuits or table foods. These lists can be found on-line if you no longer have the labels. We don’t need nutrition facts, just the ingredient lists.
  3. All topical or systemic medications that you have (this includes shampoos and rinses, eye or ear ointments, pills and injections). Include anything you have for this pet, even if you are no longer using it or it is expired.
  4. You may download a 2 page history form to complete and bring with you to your appointment, or you may fill one in when you arrive if you prefer.

We understand that it requires some effort to gather all of this information, we appreciate it and believe it will be of benefit to your pet.

We Get to Know You and Your Pet