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For Referring Veterinarians

Referring Veterinarians we are here to help you provide the best possible service to your clients. Combined, we at Veterinary Dermatology Service have over 40 years of experience in dermatology, and we want to provide your clients with the help they need for their pets. Referring your patient to us has never been easier.

When Should I Refer a Pet To You?

Dermatology takes time, patience and dedicated communication. We are able to give your clients the time they need to explain their pet’s history, which is often lengthy, and their concerns. We take time to explain complicated diagnostics such as elimination diet trials and help them through ongoing therapy decisions, plus follow up. We provide intradermal allergy testing and immunotherapy formulation, and have years of experience with individual titration of immunotherapy that leads to improved results.

We are happy to see any of your dermatology and/or allergy patients, whether you have been working with them and have established a diagnosis, or if they are a first time patient. But especially consider us for clients who are seeking safer alternatives to systemic glucocoticoid therapy, for patients with chronic or resistant infections such as MRS or chronic otitis. Also consider us when intradermal allergy testing is desired or when you or the client are becoming frustrated for any reason, we can help them heal.


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We Get to Know You and Your Pet