Meet Astro, a 6.5-year-old Border Collie. Astro came to us with a raised, red, circular lesion on the upper left lip. Astro’s owner first noted the lesion one month prior to her first appointment with Vet Dermatology Services. The referring veterinarian prescribed Astro a two-week course of Cephalexin and Chlorhexidine rinse.

A skin scrape and fungal culture were performed and came back negative. After discovering bacteria on the cytology report, Astro was treated with Clindamycin and Mupirocin, along with a Chlorhexidine rinse. After two weeks, a recheck showed less swelling (although otherwise similar conditions to Astro’s initial visit). We added an antifungal treatment to rule out a possible fungal infection that may have been missed on the cytology report and fungal culture.

Two weeks later, Astro’s owner informed us that her lesion significantly improved! And, two weeks after that, Astro’s lesion fully healed, her hair is re-growing, and Astro is one comfortable, happy pup!

See Astro’s healing journey below.